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Rajya Sabha


Performance profile of the House and its Secretariat



Parliament and the people  

There are two Reception Offices located in the Parliament House Complex, one near Parliament House and the other at Parliament House Annexe. These Reception Offices help visitors to meet Members of Parliament, Ministers, officers and staff of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat. The Reception Offices also issue entry passes to the officials of the Ministries/Departments coming to the Parliament House and Parliament House Annexe in connection with their official work. In the year 2006, these two Reception Offices issued 36 interview slips and 28,986 computerized casual entry passes to the visitors of Parliament House Complex. 

The requests for the Public Gallery passes, Central Hall passes, General passes, Distinguished Visitors Gallery passes, DVG (Diplomatic) Weekly cards, and the Central Hall passes for the Joint Sittings are received by the Notice Office. After due processing and approval, the Notice Office forwards these requisitions to the Centralised Pass Issue Cell (CPIC) for issue of the Passes, Bar Coded or Radio Frequency (RF) Tags, as the case may be. The work pertaining to the issue of DVG (Diplomatic) annual passes to high rank Diplomats like Heads of Foreign Missions, Consulates, Honorary Consulates and Heads of the U.N. Organisations is looked after by the Notice Office. The names of such diplomats are sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs.  

During the year, 115 General passes 2 Library passes, 387 Central Hall passes, 71 DVG (Diplomatic) annual cards and 980 DVG (Diplomatic) daily cards were issued. A total number of 8,211 Officials of the Ministries, 2,053 Press Correspondents and 9,010 visitors to the Public Gallery witnessed the proceedings of Rajya Sabha. On the recommendation of Members of Parliament, 4,236 visitors were taken for show round of the Parliament House by the Watch and Ward staff. In all, the security staff regulated a flow of 68,067 persons/visitors in Parliament House Complex and Parliament House Annexe during the year.  

Verification done by Fire and Technical (F&T) Wing:  

  The F&T Wing of the Watch and Ward Service is responsible for verifying the character/antecedents of the individuals who intend to visit the Parliament House Complex. A total number of 2,984 verifications were done during the year, which include 208 journalists, 2,617 visitors (same day) of the Public Gallery (PG) and DVG, 64 casual labourers and 95 PSs/PAs of the Members of Parliament.    

HRD Initiative:

  A proactive approach has been initiated in the security management and an emphasis is being laid on training and grooming of manpower of the Watch and Ward Service. During the year 2006, new initiatives were taken up to enhance the overall personality of the security personnel. In this direction, two in-house refresher courses and three yoga training courses were conducted. Specialized Security Training Inputs were also provided to the personnel in order to enhance their operational and functional efficiency. “Identification of Members of Parliament through power-point presentation” was another new initiative, which was taken up with a view to helping the security staff in identifying the Members of Parliament.