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Rajya Sabha


Performance profile of the House and its Secretariat




The total staff strength of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat during the year 2006 stood at 1364, out of which 331 persons were holding Group ‘A’ posts.  On attaining the age of superannuation, 17 persons retired from service in the Secretariat.

  The Secretariat consists of the following main Services:

            (i)        Legislative, Executive and Administrative Service;

            (ii)       Library, Reference, Research, Documentation and Information


(iii)      Verbatim Reporting Service;

(iv)       Private Secretaries & Stenographic Service;

(v)        Simultaneous Interpretation Service;

(vi)       Printing & Publications Service;

(vii)      Editorial and Translation Service;

(viii)     Watch & Ward, Door Keeping and Sanitation Service;

(ix)       Clerks, Typists, Staff Car Drivers & Despatch Riders Service; and

(x)                Messenger Service.

A brief description of the mandate of the Secretary-General, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretaries, Directors and Deputy Secretaries in charge of different divisions/services is given in the accompanying Table.

The responsibilities of the O & M Section are designed to bring out more efficiency and transparency in the working of the Secretariat through improvement of the organizational pattern and simplification of procedures etc.

In order to improve and augment efficiency in the Secretariat through planning and anticipation, Action Plans for the year 2006 were invited from all the Sections, which were compiled and circulated to all the Sections in order to achieve the goals/targets. In this regard, a series of review meetings chaired by the Secretary-General was also held with Joint Secretaries and Directors/Deputy Secretaries in the month of November 2006 with a view to discuss the problems, if any, being faced by them towards achieving the targets. The remarks/suggestions made by the Secretary-General during the said review meetings were communicated to all the officers/sections of the Secretariat for their information and compliance. Apart from the above, the O & M Section also requested all the Sections of the Secretariat to include a column on maintenance of Computerized Diary System of the receipts on the Excel system of the Computer in their Annual Action Plan. A circular requesting all the Sections to prepare and furnish Annual Action Plan for the year 2007 was also issued on 27 November 2006.

The Section compiled and circulated Annual Report for the year 2005 in respect of the Secretariat giving details to a considerable extent to enable performance appraisal of the Secretariat. The Report was also put on the Internet at the website of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.A circular requesting all the Sections to prepare and furnish Annual Report-2006 was also issued on 12 December 2006.

During the year, the Section was also responsible for successful conduct of inspection of 33 Sections of the Secretariat. The observations of the Inspecting Officers were conveyed to the concerned Sections for follow up action with the request to furnish Action Taken Report thereon. The summary of the most important points alongwith the status on actions taken thereon by the concerned Sections was also prepared. Further, a circular for conducting inspections in 52 Sections of the Secretariat for the year 2006 was issued on 15 December 2006 wherein all the Inspecting Officers were requested to complete their inspections and forward the inspection reports latest by 31 January 2007.

This Section has been assigned to conduct the workload assessment and manpower requirements of Sections of the Secretariat. Workload assessment in respect of all the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee Sections, G.A. Section, Watch& Ward Service, Committee Section (Coordination) and Reporters Branch was initiated during the year. Taking into consideration Cadre Review in the Secretariat by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, it was decided to conduct the workload assessment of the abovementioned Sections except G.A. Section and Watch & Ward Service. Assessment of workload of these two Sections for providing additional staff was under progress.

As directed by the Secretary-General, this Section also requested all the Sections to furnish details on microfilming of records with a view to explore the feasibility of mitigating the space problems in the Secretariat. Follow up action has been taken during the year and the same was under progress.

Distribution Section of the Secretariat is the nodal agency for receiving the communications and distributing parliamentary papers to the Presiding Officers, Members, Officers of the Secretariat, Ministries and Departments of the Government and others. During the year 2006, the Distribution Section received 26,800 communications. The total despatches made by Section during the year were to 5,50,242.

The Printing and Publications Service of the Secretariat handled a total 2,62,740 pages during the year 2006.

Training Unit conducts various training programmes for the Members of Parliament, officers and staff of this Secretariat. Training programmes include both in-house trainings and trainings at outside institutions.Officers are also nominated for various foreign training programmes.

During the year 2006, Training Unit organized various in-house training programmes on subjects such as Office Procedure, Computer Training Progamme,PAO 2000 Software for P & A O Section, Parliamentary Practice & Procedure, English Typewriting and Yoga therapy Camp. Besides, two workshops were also organised on “How to write ACR” and ‘Competence Enhancement’ for officers of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

Officials were nominated to attend seven different training programmes organized by the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management (ISTM) on various subjects such as Records Management for Right to Information, Introduction to Windows and Microsoft Word, Workshop on Noting and Drafting, Stress Management, Right to Information and Pay Fixation.

Besides, 6 officials were nominated to attend different training programmes conducted by the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training (BPST), Lok Sabha Secretariat such as the 20th Parliamentary Internship Programme in Legislative Drafting, Training Programme on Working of Questions, Legislative and Budgetary Process of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State Legislature Secretariats, and Training Programme for Research, Reference and Information Service. Twenty five Officials were nominated to attend the Training Programme on Financial Management at the National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM), Faridabad and 20 Officials were nominated to attend the Customized Computer Training Programme at the National Informatics Centre (NIC), New Delhi.

Staff of Watch & Ward Office attended different training programmes at Parliament Library Building, Refresher Training Programme at Training Center, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Training on Yoga at Yoga Center, Gol Dak Khana, New Delhi, Training Programme on Swimming at Talkatora Swimming Pool, New Delhi, Training Programme on Identification and handling of Explosive Course at ITBP, Mussoorie, Refresher Training Programme by CRPF at Nanded, Maharashtra, Training Programme on 10th Chemical Disaster First Responder and Incident Command Management System at Nagpur and Training Programme on Security System by ECIL, Hyderabad.

During the year 2006, six Officers from Editorial, Reporting, Interpretation & Stenographic Services represented the Rajya Sabha Secretariat at the 19th All India Official Language Conference held at Port Blair in October 2006. Four Officers were nominated to attend the 52nd Seminar and Hindi Workshop on Official Language, Dalhouise, 2006. One officer was nominated to attend the training programme at the Institute of Legislative Drafting and Research, Ministry of Law and Justice, New Delhi.Seventeen officers of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat were were nominatedto attend various training programmes abroad.Two officers were nominated to attend the training programme on Legislative Drafting at Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington DC, U.S.A. One Deputy Director (Research & Library Service) was nominated to attend the 22nd Pre-Conference for Research and Library Services for Parliaments and 71st International Federation of Library Association (IFLA), General Conference and Council heldat Seoul( South Korea) in August 2006. One officer was nominated to attend the Annual Inter-Parliamentary Study Programme for Parliamentary staff at Canberra , Australia . Director (Media) LARRDIS was nominated to attend the 9th Biennial Conference of the Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific (APLAP) at Wellington ,New Zealand . A group of 12 officers were nominated to attend a tailor made training programme on “Parliamentary Administration” at the Royal Institute of Public Administration (RIPA), London .

The Training Unit received delegates from abroad for interaction with the officers of the Secretariat. The visiting delegations included a team of fifty members from College of Politics and Governance, King Prajadhipok’sInstitute,Thailand and 12 Officers from the House of Representatives of National Assembly,Thailand , and 40 students from Touro Law College , Law Center ,USA .

An Orientation Programme for newly elected/nominated members of Rajya Sabha was organised for two days on 20 and 21 May 2006. An exhibition on the working of Rajya Sabha was also set up on this occasion.A total of 24 Members attended this programme. Training Unit also organised Computer Clinic for Members and their personal staff in collaboration with the National Informatics Center (NIC).

During the year 2006, Research and Library Section prepared large number of research notes/interventions on various items of agenda for use of Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General for various parliamentary conferences such as the 18th Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers Conference held at Nairobi, Kenya in January 2006; ASGP Conference held at Nairobi, Kenya in May 2006; 43rd General Meeting of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliaments held in Abuja, Nigeria in September 2006; ASGP Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2006. Besides, nineteen speeches/ addresses including an inaugural speech for use of hon’ble Chairman, a welcome address for the use of hon’ble Deputy Chairman and a Vote of Thanks for use ofSecretary-General at the Orientation Programme for newly elected/nominated members of Rajya Sabha held at BPST, Parliament Library Building in May 2006; an inaugural speech for use of hon’ble Chairman and Vote of Thanks for use of hon’ble Deputy Chairman at the inauguration of newly constructed Brahmaputra multi-storeyed residential complex for Rajya Sabha MPs, New Delhi in February 2006; a draft speech for use hon’ble Chairman on the occasion of farewell function in honour of retired/retiring Members of Rajya Sabha in March 2006were prepared.

In addition, notes on Parliaments of Chile,Belgium , Walloon Regional Parliament of Belgium,Netherlands ,Tajikistan ,Spain ,Belarus , European Parliament,Iceland ,Morocco ,Armenia ,Namibia and Pakistan were prepared for use of the Chairman and Secretary-General. Apart from it, the Section also brought out two publications namely ‘Rajya Sabha and its Secretariat: A Performance Profile 2005’ and ‘Felicitations, Hon’ble Chairman, Sir’.

This section also maintains a small Library for use of officers and staff of the Secretariat. During the year 2006, 84 books and journals were added to the Library and 209 books/magazines were issued to the officers and staff of the Secretariat. Besides, 227 books were purchased and supplied to officers/sections.

Press and Media Unit was created with effect from 17 November 2003 to act as the nodal Section for the work relating to liaison with press and media agencies, correspondents and journalists.During the year 2006, Press & Media Unit issued 3 passes to the journalists under Long and Distinguished Service category. The Unit also issued permanent Rajya Sabha Press Gallery laminated passes to the correspondents of newspapers having quota for Rajya Sabha Press Gallery for one-year duration. A total of 259 annual photo passes were issued under this category to the accredited correspondents of admitted newspapers/agencies.During the year 6 newspapers were admitted to the Rajya Sabha Press Gallery and Quota of 2 newspapers was increased. Names of 805 journalists eligible for Temporary and Sessional cards were recommended to the Centralized Pass issue Cell (CPIC) for issuance of bar coded passes. It was decided to issue Radio Frequency (RF) Tags to the journalists having permanent Rajya Sabha Press Gallery passes, w.e.f. January 2005. Accordingly, the names of 283 journalists were recommended to the CPIC for issuance/activation of RF Tags. Press and Media Unit also issues Sessional Parking Labels to press correspondents to enable them to have unhindered entry into the Parliament House Complex. During the year,260 Sessional Parking Labels were issued.

Press and Media Unit has also been maintaining a Press Counter near the Press Gallery of Rajya Sabha.During the Session period, one person is deputed to the Press Counter to provide parliamentary papers to the correspondents of both print and electronic media covering the proceedings of Rajya Sabha. Parliamentary papers such as Bills, List of Business, List of Starred/Unstarred Questions, statements made by the Ministers, reports of the various Parliamentary Committees, Special Mentions, etc. are supplied/made available at the Press Counter.

The Unit also did a large amount of liaison work with the different news agencies, newspapers, correspondents of both electronic and print media for giving wide publicity to the activities and events that took place during the year. Some of these activities included Oath taking by the newly elected/re-elected/nominated Members of Rajya Sabha on 28 January, 3, 4, 12, 20 April, 7 July and 27 October, 2006;On the visit of Tajikistan Parliamentary Delegation in May, 2006 to meet Vice-President of India and Chairman, Rajya Sabha; Interaction programme with media persons organized for hon’ble Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha in Parliament House in May, 2006; Orientation Programme for newly elected/nominated Members of Rajya Sabha on 20 & 21 May, 2006; 'Shardhanjali Kalas' function organized in the Deputy Chairman's chamber to commemorate the Anniversary of Kargil War on 26 July 2006; Meeting of Iceland Parliamentary delegation with the Vice-President of India and Chairman, Raya Sabha on 20 November 2006; Launching of website of the Vice-President of India on 23 November 2006; Press Conferences at Parliament House, addressed by the Chairman, Committee on Subordinate-Legislation on 28 September 2006 and by the Chairman Committee on Health & Family Welfareon 19 December 2006 and the Valedictory Remarks by the Chairman, Rajya Sabha at the end of Session.

Press and Media Unit issued press releases on oath taking ceremony of the elected/re-elected members and on reports of the Committees serviced by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to the newspapers/news agencies for wider coverage. Many English and Hindi newspapers gave good publicity to some of the significant recommendations made by the Committees in their reports. The Unit also prepared press releases both in English and Hindi on other important events, i.e. Orientation Programme for newly elected/re-elected members of Rajya Sabha; Inauguration of Brahmaputra Residential Complex for Members of Rajya Sabha by hon'ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha on 27 February 2006; Farewell function organized in honour of retired/retiring Members of Rajya Sabha in Balayogi Auditorium on 8 March 2006; Hindi Diwas organized by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat and release of the magazine titled ‘Nutan Pratibimb'; on the election of Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha as Honorary Internal Auditor of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) and election of Dr. Yogendra Narain, Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha as Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Secretaries-General of Parliaments (ASGP) respectively in Geneva on 18 October 2006; visit of Tajikistan Parliamentary Delegation on May 2006; meeting of Belarus Parliamentary Delegation with the Vice-President of India on 26 July 2006; Iceland Parliamentary Delegation on 26 November 2006; meeting ofMoroccan Parliamentary Delegation on 27 November 2006 and circulated to newspapers/news agencies and electronic media for adequate publicity.


The Committee Coordination Section was created in 2003 after the bifurcation of Committee Section II to act as the nodal Section for all the Committees. During the year 2006, the Committee dealt with a total of 25 elections and 19 nominations of members of Rajya Sabha to the various Statutory Bodies/Joint Parliamentary Committees. The Section also initiated action for the reconstitution of 10 Standing Committees and 24 Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees. The twenty-four Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees were reconstituted w.e.f. 5 August 2006. Besides, notices of Motions for election/requests for nomination of Members of Rajya Sabha to the various Joint Parliamentary Committees/Parliamentary Fora were   processed   and   the   specified   number   of   Members   got elected/nominated thereto. These include Committee on Public Accounts; Committee on Public Undertakings; Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes; Joint Parliamentary Committee on Offices of Profit; Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Salary, Allowances and Pension of Members of   Parliament; Committee on Empowerment of Women; Library Committee; Railway Convention Committee; Committee on Food Management in Parliament House Complex; Joint Parliamentary Committee on Installation of Portraits/Statues of National Leaders and Parliamentarians in the Parliament House Complex; Ad-hoc Joint Committee to examine the Constitutional and Legal position relating to Office of Profit; Joint Parliamentary Committee on Wakf; Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation and Management; Parliamentary Forum on Youth; Parliamentary Forum on Children; and Parliamentary Forum on Population and Public Health. In addition, the proposals received from the Lok Sabha Secretariat regarding extension of the tenure of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Security Matters in Parliament House Complex and the Committee on Food Management in Parliament House Complex was also processed by the Section and the tenure of these two Committees was extended for one year each.

Requests from various Central Government Agencies and State Governments seeking approval of Hon'ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha to the nomination of Members of Rajya Sabha to various Committees/Bodies received during the year 2006 were examined and processed in the Section in accordance with the provisions contained in the Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1959 and, wherever considered necessary, references were made for consideration of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Offices of Profit. The cases were thereafter, placed before the Hon'ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha for his consideration/orders. During the year 2006, the requests seeking approval of the Hon'ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha to the nomination of Members to several bodies were processed in the Section. These include Planning Board of NCT, Delhi; State Education Mission, Rajasthan; Rajasthan Haj Committee (Rajasthan); Expert Committee for Planned Development of Bruhat-Bangalore Mahanagarapalke, Bangalore; State Level Planning Board, Government of Himachal Pradesh; Securities Trading Corporation of India Limited, Mumbai; Space Commission; Board of Governors, NITIE, Mumbai; and Honorary Advisor in the DOS/ISRO.

In addition, the Section compiled, published and distributed to the members the publication titled“Rajya Sabha Committees-A Profile (2005)”. It also compiled “Rajya Sabha Committee Membership 2006” and “Committees of Rajya Sabha and other Parliamentary Committees and Bodies on which Rajya Sabha is represented (2006-2007)” and sent these for printing. A total of 209 Reports/Statements of various Committees received from the Lok Sabha Secretariat were also laid on the Table of Rajya Sabha.

A new section, namely, English Debate Section was created with effect from 24 August 2006 to act as the nodal section for the translation of Hindi portions of debates into English. The mandate of the English Debate Section includes preparation and editing of English version of the Rajya Sabha Debates which include English translation of speeches delivered in Hindi, speeches delivered originally in English and speeches delivered in regional languages and translated into English; preparation and editing of indices to the English version of Debates and; any other miscellaneous work related to English version of Debates.


(As on 3.05.2007)

Main responsibilities of the officers of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat

Shri R.C.Virwani

Chief Parliamentary Reporter


Name, Designation & Official Telephone Nos.

Main responsibility

Dr. Yogendra Narain





2379-2940 (Fax)

Parliamentary Adviser to the Hon. Chairman, Rajya Sabha and through him to the House.

Administrative Head of the Secretariat of Rajya Sabha and overall in-charge of all administrative and executive functions on behalf and in the name of the Chairman.

Shri N.C. Joshi

Additional Secretary

2301-1328 (Telefax)

Printing & Publications Service; Table Office; Notice Office; Lobby Office; Legislative Section; Bill Office; Watch & Ward Office; Files relating to policy matters of all Standing Committees and Department-related Committees except House Committee; Any other work assigned

Shri R.K. Singh


2301-5585 (Fax)

O & M Section; Press & Media; MPLADS Committee; Distribution Branch; Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests; General supervision of the Verbatim Reporting Service; Personnel Section; Estt. (General) Section; Committee Section-IV (Committee on Papers Laid on the Table); Any other work assigned

Smt. Vandana Garg

Joint Secretary (G)



2301-8708 (Fax)

Questions Branch; Committee on Human Resource Development; Welfare Unit; Committee on Health & Family Welfare;Committee Section-I (Committee on Subordinate Legislation); Any other work assigned

Shri Tapan Chatterjee

Joint Secretary (C)



2301-2007 (Fax)

Committee on Home Affairs; Committee on Ethics; Conference & Protocol Section; Committee Section-II (Committee on Petitions); Any other work assigned

Shri Ravi Kant Chopra

Joint Secretary& Financial Advisor(JS & FA)


2301-4948 (Telefax)

Pay & Accounts Office; Estt. (Accounts) & Budget Section; All files dealing with financial matters involving expenditure beyond the delegated powers to JS and below; M.A. Section including House Committee; Training Unit; Computer Cell & Committee on Provision of Computers to Members of Rajya Sabha; Committee on Commerce; Sales and Archives Section; Any other work assigned

Shri Sham Sher Singh

Joint Secretary (S)



Committee on Industry; Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice; Committee on Transport, Tourism & Culture; Committee Section-III (Committee on Government Assurances); MS & A Section; JPC on Wakf Boards; Any other work assigned

Shri S.K.Kathuria

Joint Secretary (K)

2301-2522 (Tele-fax)

Editorial and Translation Service; Simultaneous Interpretation Service; Any other work assigned

Shri G.C. Miglani

Joint Secretary (M)



Committee Co-ordination Section; G.A. Section; Store Section; Any other work assigned

Smt. Agnes Momin George

Director (P)



Personnel Section; Estt. (General) Section; Committee Section-IV (Committee on Papers Laid on the Table)

Shri N. K. Singh 
Director (Ptg./HRD)



Administrative work relating to Printing & Publications Service; Committee on Human Resource Development

Shri Gobind Lal

Principal Chief Parliamentary Reporter



Verbatim Reporting Service

Shri S.K. Watts

Director (Comm.)



Committee on Commerce; Questions Branch (One Group)

Shri S.K. Ganguli

Director (T)



Table Office, Notice Office, Lobby Office, Committee Section-III (Committee on Government Assurances)

Shri Deepak Goyal

Director (Q) & Central Public Information Officer



Committee Section-I (Committee on Subordinate Legislation); Questions Branch (One Group)

Ms. Bharti Tiwari 
Director (Media)


2301-4850 (Tele-fax)

Press & Media

Shri Sanjay Singh

Director (Security)



2301-1218 (Fax)

Watch & Ward, Door Keeping & Sanitation Service

Shri L.B.Shinde

Principal Chief Parliamentary Interpreter


Simultaneous Interpretation Service

Shri P.P.K. Ramacharyulu

Director (Home)


Committee on Home Affairs; JPC on Wakf; Committee Section-II (Committee on Petitions)

Shri S. D. Nautiyal 
Director (R&L) 


Research and Library Section

Shri Mukul Pande

Director (L)


Bill Office; Legislative Section; Computer Cell and Committee on Provision of Computers to   Members of Rajya Sabha

Smt. Kamlesh Verma

Chief Principal Private Secretary



Private Secretaries and Stenographic Service

Shri Ajit Singh

Joint Director (Security)-CPIC



Watch & Ward, Door Keeping & Sanitation Service

Shri A.K. Singh

Deputy Secretary (M.A.)


M.A. Section; Committee on Industry

Shri A.K. Chatterjee

Deputy Secretary (MS&A)


M.S. & A Section; Questions Branch (One Group)

Verbatim Reporting Service

Shri Sarjit Singh Lakra

Joint Director (Security) - PH


2301-1370 (Tele-fax)

Watch & Ward, Door Keeping & sanitation Service

Shri N.S.Walia

Deputy Secretary (C&P)


Conference & Protocol Section; Questions Branch (One Group); Committee on Ethics

Smt. Usha Sharma

Chief Editor


Editorial & Translation Service

Shri Raghab P.Dash
Joint Director (R&L)


Assigned work in the Office of Hon'ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha

Shri H.C. Sethi

Deputy Secretary (H&F)


Committee on Health & Family Welfare; G.A. Section

Shri R.N. Bhatnagar

Joint Director (Security)- PHA


Watch &Ward, Door Keeping & Sanitation Service

Smt. Usha Dhingra

Senior Principal Private Secretary


23011991 (Tele-fax)

Private Secretaries & Stenographic Service

Shri R.B. Gupta

Deputy Secretary (P&L) & Welfare Officer


Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law & Justice; welfare unit; Stores Section; Committee Co-ordination Section

Shri D.P. Ahuja

Deputy Secretary (S&A)


Sales & Archives Section; Questions Branch (One Group)

Choudhury Ramakanta Das

Chief Parliamentary Interpreter


Simultaneous Interpretation Service

Shri B.K. Pant

Senior Principal Private Secretary



Private Secretaries & Stenographic Service

Kum. L. Lakshmi

Joint Director (R&L)


Research & Library Section

Shri J.G. Negi

Deputy Secretary (E)


Shri C.B.Rai,

Deputy Secretary (D)

Estt. (Accounts) & Budget Section; Committee on Transport, Tourism & Culture; Training Unit

O& M Section; Distribution Branch; Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests; MPLADS Committee

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