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Rajya Sabha
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At the Entrance Hall to the Lok Sabha Lobby near Gate No. 4 of Parliament House, one comes across the statue of Prof.  N.G. Ranga, a veteran parliamentarian and freedom fighter.  He was a member of the Central Legislative Assembly, Constituent Assembly and Provisional Parliament, the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha with 50 years of membership in the representative bodies.  A close associate of Mahatma Gandhi, he was in the forefront of the freedom struggle.  A champion in the cause of the rural peasantry, he was the founder of the Indian Peasants Institute at Nidubrolu and one of the founders of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers.  As a committed social reformer, he campaigned against untouchability and the pardah system.  He was a founder member of the Swatantra Party and was its President for several years.

The statue, sculpted by D. Shankar and Brothers, was unveiled by the Vice-President of India, Shri Krishan Kant on 27 July 1998.

The statue was. donated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.