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Rajya Sabha
आप यहां हैं: मुख पृष्ठ >प्रकियाएँ >राज्य सभा के प्रक्रिया तथा कार्य-संचालन विषयक नियम>विधेयकों का प्रमाणीकरण

Ill.---Authentication and reconsideration of Bills

135. Authentication of a Bill

When a Bill is passed by the Houses and is in possession of the Council, a copy thereof shall be signed by the Chairman, and presented to the President:

Provided that in the absence of the Chairman from New Delhi, the Secretary-General may authenticate the Bill for the Chairman in case of urgency.

136. Reconsideration by Council of a Bill passed

When a Bill which has been passed by the Houses is returned by the President for reconsideration, the point or points referred for reconsideration shall be put before the Council by the Chairman, and shall be discussed and voted upon in the same manner as amendments to a Bill, or in such other way as the Chairman may consider most convenient for their consideration by the Council.