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डाउनलोड AcrobatReader                                                सत्र संख्या:254
(सोमवार,19 जुलाई 2021 से शुक्रवार,13 अगस्‍त 2021)
दिनांक: 26/10/2021 तक के अनुसार

अगस्‍त 2(118 Kb) | 3(151 Kb) | 4(57 Kb) | 5(153 Kb) | 6(150 Kb) | 9(153 Kb) | 10(173 Kb) | 11(81 Kb)
जुलाई 19(42 Kb) | 20(36 Kb) | 23(45 Kb) | 26(52 Kb) | 27(116 Kb) | 28(52 Kb) | 29(54 Kb) | 30(85 Kb)


                                       Source of Information:

Officers Phone Email
Mukul Pandey,Additional Secretary (L) 23034693,23018044
Shri Rohtas, Joint Secretary (T) 23034668, 23012083
Shri K.Sudhakaran, Director 23035445
Ms. Chitra G, Deputy Secretary 23034697, 23034581

Note: The Resume of Business is published after every session and contains an abstract of the business transacted in the Rajya Sabha in a session, covering the brief each category of business, including:-   

(i)     Members making oath/affirmation
(ii)    Obituary references
(iii)   Reports of Committees
(iv)    Special Mentions, Calling Attentions and Short Duration Discussions
(v)     Statements by Ministers
(vi)    Motions for Election to Committees/bodies
(vii)   Motions and Resolutions
(viii)  Government and Private Members Legislative Business 

For information in respect of a particular day’s business, the Journal of the Session may be consulted, and for the actual text, the Uncorrected/Verbatim Proceedings or the Official Report should be seen.