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Rajya Sabha
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278.General Purposes Committee

There shall be a General Purposes Committee.

279. Constitution

(1) The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, Members of the Panel of Vice-Chairmen, Chairmen of all Standing Parliamentary Committees of Rajya Sabha, Leaders of recognised Parties and Groups in Rajya Sabha and such other Members as may be nominated by the Chairman. The Chairman shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Committee.

(2) The Committee nominated under Sub-rule(I) shall hold office until a new Committee is nominated.

(3) Casual vacancies in the Committee shall be filled by the Chairman.


In order to constitute a sitting of the Committee, the quorum shall be, as near as may be, one third of the total number of Members of the Committee.

281. Functions

The functions of the Committee shall be to consider and advise on such matters concerning the affairs of the House as may be referred to it by the Chairman from time to time.

282. Record of decisions

A record of the decisions of the Committee shall be maintained and circulated to members of the Committee under the direction of the Chairman

283. Special Report

The Committee may, if it thinks fit, make a special report on any matter that arises or comes to light in the course of its work which it may consider necessary to bring to the notice of the Chairman or the House, notwithstanding that such matter is not directly connected with, or does not fall within or is not incidental to, its terms of reference.

284. Presentation of Report

The Report of the Committee shall be presented to the Council by the Deputy Chairman or in his absence, by any Member of the Committee.

285. Power to make detailed rules

The Committee may with the approval of the Chairman make detailed rules of procedure to supplement the provisions contained in the rules in this Chapter.