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Rajya Sabha
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212P. House Committee

There shall be a House Committee.

212Q. Constitution

(1) The Committee shall consist of ten members who shall be nominated by the Chairman.

(2) The Committee nominated under sub-rule (1) shall hold office until a new Committee is nominated.

(3) Casual vacancies in the Committee shall be filled by the Chairman.

212R. Chairman of Committee

(1) The Chairman of the Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman from amongst the members of the Committee.

(2) If the Chairman of the Committee is for any reason unable to act, the Chairman may similarly appoint another Chairman of the Committee in his place.

(3) If the Chairman of the Committee is absent from any meeting, the Committee shall choose another member to act as Chairman of the Committee for that meeting.

212S. Quorum

(1) In order to constitute a meeting of the Committee, the quorum shall be three.

(2) The Chairman of the Committee shall not vote in the first instance but in the case of an equality of votes on any matter, he shall have, and exercise, a casting vote.

212T. Power to Take Evidence or Call for papers, records or documents

(1) The Committee shall have power to require the attendance of persons or the production of papers or records, if such a course is considered necessary for the discharge of its duties:

Provided that Government may decline to produce a document on the ground that its disclosure would be prejudicial to the safety or interest of the State.

(2) Subject to the provisions of this rule, a witness may be summoned by an order signed by the Secretary General and shall produce such documents as are required for the use of the Committee.

(3) It shall be in the discretion of the Committee to keep any evidence tendered before it as secret or confidential.

212U. Functions

The functions of the Committee shall be -

(1) to deal with all matters relating to residential accommodation of members;

(2) to exercise supervision over facilities for accommodation, telephone, food, medical aid and other amenities accorded to members; and

(3) to consider and provide such amenities to members as may be deemed necessary from time to time.

212V. Presentation of Report

. The report of the Committee shall be presented to the Council by the Chairman of the Committee or, in his absence, by any member of the Committee.

212W. Regulation of Procedure

The Committee shall determine its own procedure in connection with all matters connected with accommodation and other amenities to members.